The first Social NFT Launchpad on Base.

Basebook is the first Web3 Social NFT launchpad on Base. But what does that even mean? Let's break it down. 👇

Web3 Social is a place where social media is fully decentralized, permissionless and all the data is owned by users. The way it should be.

NFT Launchpad is a place where you can create, mint and sell NFTs.

With Basebook, we have combined these two concepts into one. Let's explore the new frontiers together!

Brought to you by the Punk Domains & Iggy Social team.

Beta test

Basebook is still in beta. This means that many features are still missing, but will be added over time. There may also be bugs and other issues.

The code is completely open source and you can access it on GitHub. Smart contract addresses are in the nuxt.config.ts file (all smart contracts are verified on Base BlockScout).

What we need from you at this point is to try out Basebook and provide us with feedback. Feel free to post ideas, features suggestions, rants directly in the Basebook. Or you can drop by our Discord and share your thoughts there.